The Lower Dibang Valley district has all the potential to become a model district of development. With its scenic beauty and salubrious climate, the district can be developed into a favored tourist destination.

The development of micro, mini and small hydro electric projects can not only make the district self sufficient in meeting the energy requirement for domestic use but also for the consumption of rural and small scale industries. Plain and gently undulating areas in lower portion of the district have high potential for development of tea gardens and horticulture. 

Agriculture is the mainstay of the economy. Farmers have adopted settled and wet rice cultivation. Plenty of sunshine and rains make the area suitable for raising of major crops like paddy, maize, millet and mustard and suitable edaphic factors give an added advantage for raising commercial crops like orange, banana, pear, sweet lime, guava , lichi, kiwi, pineapple, ginger, tea and cardamom.

In absence of organized marketing facility, the farmers do not get remunerative price for their surplus produce. The developmental agencies of the government despite various odds have made remarkable progress in the development of the road communication, power, water supply, health care, education, industries, agriculture etc. The contribution of BRTF in improving road communication in the area is commendable . Two hydel power projects namely Deopani and Simari besides diesel power generating sets are catering to the power supply to the district. 

The district authority is aware of the low rate of literacy ( 38%) in the district . The district has 3 nos. of Higher secondary school, 5 nos. of Secondary school, 14 nos . of Middle school, 24 nos. of primary School, 1 no. of Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya ( H.S.S ) 1 no. of VKV secondary School and 1 no. of DIET besides one Private Public School. The headquarters of the district, Roing has one public library. Necessary efforts are on to check school drop outs, which will go a long way to improve the literacy rate. 

The other area which needs focused attention is health care. There are 1 no. of C.H.C. , 3 nos. of P.H.C. , 8 nos of health sub-centre and one Homeo Dispensary in the district. The District authority shall be particular about the medical services rendered through the above mentioned health care centres by ensuring the presence of doctors and staff. 

There are four dispensaries and five veterinary aid centres to look after the health of the domestic animals in the district , besides one pig farm and one poultry farm.Three forest Divisions and six forest Range Offices manage the two wildlife sanctuaries and forests in the district . The forest Training School of the State is located at roing, the Headquarters of the district. 
The district is provided with banking facility with one unit of SBI at Roing and two Co-operative Apex Banks, one each at Roing and Dambuk. 

The industry department marks its presence by providing 3 ( three ) craft centres and 1 ( one ) I.T.I .

The area is served by 2(two) petrol depots, 1 ( one ) gas agency and 1 (one) printing press. 

The district has 2 (two) multi purpose co-operative societies, , 1 ( one ) transport co-operative society and 11 (eleven ) fair price shops. 

The telecommunication and postal facility provided in the district include 4 (four ) telephone exchanges, 13 (thirteen) PC)s, 11 (eleven) ED BPOs besides one Sub-Post Office. There are four helipads one each at Roing, Dambuk, Hunli and Desali in the district. 

With the creation of the new district developmental efforts get a boost and it would be possible to realize the full potential of the area and fulfil the hopes and aspirations of the inhabitants of the district. 

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