2nd Day of Joy of Reading Festival Continues Successfully

Publish Date : 05/11/2019

Roing, Nov 5: The Joy of Reading Festival Roing, 2019 entered its second day of successful run with a series of lectures given to a varied audience of students, teachers, women activists, SHG members, weavers and women entrepreneurs by Gandhian scholar Dr. Alaka Sarma and educationist Prof. Vimala Ramachandran.

Dr. Alaka Sarma enthralled the students and teachers with a talk on ‘Gandhian values in our modern life’. Through stories from Mahatma Gandhi’s life she highlighted values like simplicity, honesty, punctuality etc that could be incorporate in daily life.

She also interacted with weavers, women entrepreneurs SHGs and NGOs where she encouraged weavers to protect their traditional heritage and discussed various ways to bring about diversification of products using traditional designs.

Dr. Alaka Sarma also talked about the need to introduce new weaving technology for more productivity and further encouraged the weavers to learn how to use the internet for better marketing of their products.

Prof. Vimala Ramachandran gave a talk on ‘Women’s empowerment : explorations’ and interacted with students of KGBV, Dambuk.

–> N.Namchoom, DIPRO

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