AROGYA Ram Gehani Centre for Nature Cure Inaugurated at RIWATCH, Khinjili

Publish Date : 11/04/2022

Roing, April 10: DCM Chowna Mein and Health & Family Welfare Minister Alo Libang inaugurated the AROGYA Ram Gehani Centre for Nature Cure today at RIWATCH, Khinjili in Lower Dibang Valley district. The centre is sponsored by Sewa International and was inaugurated in the presence of former CM/ MP/ Lt. Governor Mukut Mithi, MLA Mopi Mihu, MLA Chow Zingnu Namchoom, MLA Mutchu Mithi, Comm(Planning) Prashant Lokhande, DC Soumya Saurabh, SP J. K. Lego, dignitaries and guests.

DCM Chowna Mein, addressing the gathering, narrated his journey towards naturopathy and yoga, extolled it’s benefits and advised for its incorporation for the treatment of illnesses and for a healthy life. He also called for setting up of more such centres in the state, which would aid in identifying, documentation and preservation of our age old traditional healing systems and practices.

Appreciating the work done by the Research Institute for Worlds Ancient Traditions, Culture & Heritage(RIWATCH), the DCM said that the NE states have the potential for research work to be done in the aspects of culture and bio diversity and it is our duty to protect our culture, traditions, language etc.

Minister (Health & Family Welfare) Alo Libang informed that all the different tribes of the state have their own traditional healing practices and it is the preference and choice of the individual as to which one is followed by them. Speaking on the wide variety of medicinal plants and herbs found in the state, he stressed on the need to identify, study, document and preserve the knowledge by keeping the plants alive.

Comm(Planning) Prashant Lokhande called the setting up of the centre in the area a milestone, as the use of local medicines and herbal treatments is a part of the tribal way of life and this will give a boost in its study and preservation. We have to understand the culture of the place to understand the people, he added.

DC Soumya Saurabh briefed the gathering on the Mother and Child Information Kit and Dibang Delicacies Receipe book unveiled on the day. The website of RIWATCH was also launched on the day. Chairman (RIWATCH) Joram Begi, Shyam P. of Sewa International and Vijay Swami of RIWATCH also spoke on the occasion.