Arunachal Rising Anti Drugs Awareness Program

Publish Date : 17/03/2020

Roing, Mar 16: An Arunachal Rising Anti Drugs Awareness program was conducted today at the Community Rekho, Abali village by Enjalumenda Women’s Empowerment Forum in collaboration with the IPR department. Altogether 123 people attended the programme.

Rakhi Linggi (President EWEF) spoke on parenting and its importance in a child’s life and what happens to children of absent parents. She urged the parents to be there for their children during the evenings and focus on their primary education.

Mili Perme (HWO, District hospital) spoke on the health risks due to drugs. She appealed to the public to keep away from tabacco, alcohol and smoking.

Lomi Linggi (Member,EWEF) spoke on the ills of domestic violence and encouraged people to speak out at the first instance of violence rather than speaking out when it is no longer bearable. Start by getting counselling for the spouse by approaching the service provider, go to the one stop center and seek help from protection officers or the Police if necessary, she advised. She emphasised that parents should be role models for their children as children pick up habits from them.

Sushant Saurabh Jha (SI, Roing Police) inform about the Anti Drug Squad working in Roing and how they have been able to nab peddlers in Roing, Namsai and Assam. The team can be contacted by anyone willing to give information relating to drugs, he informed. Jha apprised the gathering about the Rehabilitation program where high risk boys were counselled and 5 were sent to Kripa Foundation, Guwahati for de-addiction and plans to look into their employment on their return, by the District Police. He appealed to the villagers to identify and give names of the addicts who need help for de-addiction.

Hema Pulu(Member, Ayame SHG) spoke about the trials and tribulations of working against IMFL and working along with Police to nab peddlers in the villages. She narrated about their efforts to send children to rehabilitation centres. Mompa Linggi (GS,AIMSU) spoke the need to engage children in skill building activities like farming.

Jamini Mihu thanked EWEF and district administration for providing a platform for discussion, learn from each other and support each other. Ija Pulu of Iduli village spoke on the efforts to ban and minimize sale of IMFL in his village. The mission will be continued with the help of likeminded people of the village and nearby villages, he added. Khichili Mena, Athupi Aprawe (GS,EWEF) and Rosily Tayu (EWEF members) also spoke on the occasion.

N. Namchoom, DIPRO

Anti Drugs Awareness program