District Level Training on COVID 19 corona virus

Publish Date : 19/03/2020

Roing, Mar 18: A district level training on COVID 19 corona virus for Medical Officers, health care workers, Gaon Burahs and heads of departments was conducted today at Roing.

Deputy Commissioner Mitali Namchoom informed all present on measures taken of suspension on issuing temporary ILPs, screening at Shantipur check gate, advisory to avoid mass gatherings etc. She advised the public not to panic and follow preventive measures of thorough hand washing, maintain personal and surroundings hygiene, consult medical professionals in case of flue like symptoms and practise social distancing.

The DC advised all the Gaon Burahs present to spread word on the importance of practising self isolation at home for students and people returning from outside the state or infected areas.

She also directed the health department to work out the process and procedures to be followed in cases of suspicious and confirmed cases of COVID 19 infection and checked the preparedness in the district.

DMO Dr. R. Tatan requested public cooperation and advised all to restrict unnecessary travel. Dr. L. C. Deori spoke on COVID 19 corona virus, the global scenario and general advisory for public to follow and preparedness in the district.

In the technical session for health care professionals Dr. L. C. Deori spoke on global/India update and epidemiology, cluster containment strategy and community surveillance,information management, demonstration donning and doffing of PPE and hospital preparedness and non-pharmaceutical interventions. Dr. Obang Ngupok spoke on infection prevention and control– standard precautions and additional precautions.

Dr. N. Yirang spoke on laboratory surveillance (including sample collection, packaging, transportation and lab testing). Dr A Modi spoke on clinical case management and Kuk Megu, Epidemiologist spoke on risk communications and community engagement.

N. Namchoom, DIPRO

district level training on COVID