Exposure trip and training on Kiwi Cultivation

Publish Date : 20/01/2023

Press Release

Roing, Jan 20: An exposure visit and training programme on Kiwi Cultivation was organised for farmers of LDV at Ziro, Lower Subansiri district from 10th to 14th January 2023. 15 interested farmers from Lower Dibang Valley were intensively trained on Kiwi Crop with the theme ‘Learning by Doing’ and ‘Seeing is Believing’. The farmers were explained about the feasibility, organic farming system, package practices for Kiwi and its marketing potential. The farmers visited the Govt. Nursery,Siro, Newly cultivated Kiwi Gardens, various well-established Kiwi Gardens, Lambu Subu Food & Beverages at Hong(Ziro) and the Integrated Farming System of Hage Jarjo.

The training cum exposure tour was led by HDO Leenia Pertin, under the guidance and supervision of DHO(LDV) Kuru Ama, who took a pro active role and informed that such training cum exposure visits encourages the commercial cultivation of Kiwi Crop at the various temperate areas of Lower Dibang Valley.

The programme was sponsored under the Local Area Development (MLALAD) Fund of the 43rd Roing (S/T) Assembly Constituency.


Kiwi training Ziro