Foundation stone laying ceremony for the war memorial at Bongal Yapgo

Publish Date : 02/11/2021

Roing, Nov 1: A foundation stone laying ceremony for the war memorial at Bongal Yapgo, Dambuk by Minister Health & Family Welfare, WCD and SJETA Alo Libang, along with MLA (Dambuk) Gum Tayeng, MLA (Mebo) Lombo Tayeng, MLA (Mariyang- Geku) Kanggong Taku, MLA (Rumgong) Talem Taboh, MLA (Pasighat) Ninnong Ering and MLA (Pangin- Boleng) Ojing Tasing. Also present were DC K. N. Damo, SP J. K. Lego, ZPC Obang Ngupok, HoDs and the public of the area.

Alo Libang, speaking on the occasion, said that it was the concerted efforts of all the MLAs that would see the dream of the construction of a Multi storey war museum in the area come to fruition. He further added that it was not only the people of the area who had sacrificed their life in Bongal-Yapgo war but people from Upper Siang too had come and fought together with the people from Dambuk and some warriors from Upper Siang too had lost their lives. He also stressed on research to be done in a proper way so that unsung heroes names would not be left out.

MLA Lombo Tayeng expressed his support for the construction of a war museum stating that through it the people will know about the history of how Adi warriors fought the mighty Britishers. The museum will also bring in visitors and boost the local economy, he added.

MLA Gum Tayeng requested all the MLAs for a helping hand in the construction of the Multistorey war museum at Bongal-Yapgo Dambuk to publicise about the historic Anglo-Abor war of 1894.