Inauguration of the ECCE Centre at Govt. Secondary School, Koronu

Publish Date : 05/04/2023

Roing, April 4: MLA Mutchu Mithi today inaugurated the ECCE Centre at Govt. Secondary School, Koronu in the presence of parents, panchayat leaders, teachers and students. He was accompanied by ADC Mamta Yadav, DDSE Dipok Tayeng, CDPO Roing, BEO (Acad) and DPC ISSE Roing.

Interacting with the gathering, the MLA expressed his happiness and satisfaction over the creation of a wonderful environment and infrastructure for the benefit of Pre-Primary children. “A beautiful activity room equipped with plenty of play materials, T.V with audio visual display will surely attract the children instilling in them a feeling of safety and security under the care and protection of the dedicated Trained Teachers for Pre school children of 3-6 years of age”, he said. Considering 3-6 Yrs of the child, the most crucial is the time when they leave the mothers warm lap and enters in a new and strange place. So, all the conducive environment with child friendly elements must be put in place in such centres, he opined.