Liquor seized

Publish Date : 13/05/2022

Roing, May 12: A surprise checking of shops to curb the illicit sale of liquor without license was done on 10th May 2022 in Mayu I, Mayu II, Ezengo, Cheta I, Cheta II, ITI-JNV areas of Roing and nearby areas of Meka, Koronu, Balek, Malek and Abango.

Seizures were made from around 26 shops and 1626 bottles of beer, 193 bottles (750ml) and 1211 bottles(other quantity) of hard liquor and 28 bottles of wine were seized during the check.

The team consisted of CO Chukhu Taba, CO Talo Moyong, CO Gaurav Panwar, DySP Ringu Ngupok, SI PS Roing, Inspector (T&E) Nini Pasing, Asst Inspector (T&E) Inya Nake, Constable (T&E) Sanpil Pertin, Constable (T&E) Tao Dui, Constable (T&E) Mamta Linggi and other police personnel.