MLA Gum Tayeng Inspects Shantipur Check Gate and Quarantine Centres at Roing

Publish Date : 02/06/2020

Roing, June 1: MLA (Dambuk) Gum Tayeng, accompanied by Deputy Commissioner Mitali Namchoom(IAS), SDO(Parbuk) Eving Yirang and DDMO Tsering Ngurup today visited the Shantipur Check Gate to inspect the procedures followed and arrangements in place for people coming into the district from outside.

She inspected the facilities put in place for the sanitisation of vehicles, screening of people returning to the district and quarantining of returnees. Gum Tayeng also interacted with the government staff working in shifts to man the screening centres.

The MLA and team also visited the quarantine centres at JNV, Roing housing female returnees and at IPS, Roing housing male returnees. The JNV quarantine centre presently has 71 people and IPS quarantine centre has 56 people residing in them. People returning from green zones are kept separate from the returnees from red and orange zones of the country.

MLA Gum Tayeng interacted with the people staying at the quarantine centres and asked about their health, the facilities provided and any problems faced by them. They expresses their satisfaction over the facilities provided saying that the authorities are trying their best under the circumstances.

The team also observed the sample collection process underway at the JNV quarantine centre.

N.Namchoom, DIPRO