‘Pay Back to Society’ Programme Garners Huge Response at Roing

Publish Date : 28/11/2018

Roing, Nov 27: The ‘Pay Back to Society’ programme, an initiate of Governor Brig. B.D. Mishra (Retd), garnered a huge response from the student community of Roing today during an Interactive session with Major Ponung Doming of 52 Engr. Regiment and Captain Ligang Sera of 3 Naga Regiment at the Auditorium of the Govt. Hr. sec. School, Roing.

The ‘Pay Back to Society’ programme aims to promote the armed forces as a career opportunity through interactive sessions with defence personnel belonging to the state who have dedicated their lives to the service of the country.

Deputy Commissioner Mitali Namchoom (IAS) advised the students that they should take inspiration and encouragement to change their lives and achieve their dreams taking Major Ponung Doming and Captain Ligang Sera as inspiration. Look beyond the set career paths and there is a world of opportunities out there that can be explored, she added.

Maj Ponung Doming during her talk highlighted the advantages and opportunities that are given to a person joining the armed forces.

Talking about her own experiences Ponung Doming narrated that she was always an average student but hard work has put her where she is today. Once you fail, that should be your stepping stone and if an average student like me can do it then you too can it, she added.

Capt Ligang Sera highlighted job satisfaction, timely promotion, respectable pay package and allowances, learning the values of responsibility, maturity and respect and discipline and time management in armed forces as desirable aspects of the job.

He also advised the students that they should perform hard work, be disciplined, focus on their studies, keep physically fit, eat healthy, keep away from narcotics and other intoxicants and refrain from marking their bodies with tattoos as it is not permitted in the forces to join the armed forces in the future.

MLA Dambuk Gum Tayeng and DDSE Ego Doye were also present during the programme.


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