Strategy to contain Post-Flood Scenario: DDMC formed

Publish Date : 04/08/2008

Roing, August 04 2008: Basing on the future eventualities, occurrence of floods and its preparedness for mitigation, a District Disaster Management Committee (DDMC) has been constituted here at the DC’s chamber on Friday last.

An emergency meeting has been called to give serious thought to carry on contingency plan to meet the disaster, adopting the guidelines of the department of Relief and Rehabilitation and Disaster Management (DRR&DM government of Arunachal Pradesh to constitute 10 different committees as an effective means to meet any natural and man-made disaster. “With already existing village and block level disaster management committee comprising panchayat members, DDMC formation have been felt seriously, said Tana Tage, Field officer RR&DM while briefing preparedness and mitigation plan.

. “The district being ravages to floods and various other man made and natural disaster, a strategy has to be worked out to contain post-flood scenario and other possibility of outbreak of diseases likely to be hit. A timely action and preparedness for the forthcoming natural fury could mitigate if the committee formed swung into the action immediately”, realized P Hosai DC.

The district recently hit by the flash flood cannot be ruled out second such occurrence and therefore everyone has to be alert to prevent quantum of damages and to mitigate the crisis. The aftermath of the floods may also rises the chances of outbreak of common diseases and step from the district medical required pro-active role to contain the outbreak, the meeting observed.

The meeting also resolved to activate village and block level disaster management committee to cope up with the post-flood scenario on war footing.

Dr. A Yirang, DMO while cautioning and alerting the officials present in the meeting sought cooperation from them in fogging and impregnating mosquito nets as an anti-malaria campaign to fight back the menace. “The post-flood encourages outbreak of diseases and a bit of caution and cooperation from all like minded civil society could help the medical department to initiate better awareness and containment of the diseases”, the DMO said.