Tage Taki launches use of drone technology in Veterinary sector

Publish Date : 15/11/2022

Roing, Nov 14: The world’s first experimental launch of drone technology for delivery of livestock vaccine from Kangkong in Parbuk circle to Paglam in Paglam circle, was done today in Lower Dibang valley by Minister (AH, Veterinary and DD) Tage Taki, in the presence of MLA Gum Tayeng, MLA Mutchu Mithi, Jt. Secy(GOI) Upeamanyu Basu, Jt. Commissioner(GOI) Dr. Sujit Nayak, Consultant Livestock Sector(GOI) Kedar Nagbongshi, Secretary Bidol Tayeng, Director Dr. Dew Tayeng, COO & Co-Founder of TechEagle Anshu Abhishek, Flight specialist and Project Head of TechEagle Rajat Singh Kunwar, Deputy Commissioner Soumya Saurabh, SP J. K. lego and other dignitaries.

The drone flight covered an aerial distance of 28 kms within 23 minutes, a distance of 125 kms by road, which takes 4 hours to traverse.

Minister Tage Taki called it a historic event as drone technology has not been used before to deliver life saving animal drugs and medicines in the Veterinary sector. He stated that the success of the experimental launch in the field level has paved the way for the further use of this technology in the sectors of Agriculture, Horticulture etc.

The Minister lauded the efforts of GOI, TechEagle and AH, Veterinary and DD department for the successful launch and called it ‘a feather in the cap for the department’. He also advised the department to work hard in the delivery of services in all the far flung areas and cautioned against any complaints regarding inaccessibility, with the introduction of the advanced drone technology in the field.

Jt. Secy(GOI) Upeamanyu Basu emphasised that time taken between diagnosis to treatment should be the shortest, be it for a human or an animal, so the experimental delivery of vaccines for FMD and others should ease the worry of the farmers. He added that GOI is in the process of developing many more technologies which will aid the farmers in their work.

Secretary(AH, Veterinary & DD) Bidol Tayeng stated that this experiment will be used to plan out the use of such technologies in the rural areas in the future. The constructive and civil use of drones is just the start, we will use such technologies in a large way in the future, he added.

The drone delivery is carried out by TechEagle in collaboration with the Animal Husbandry department and EY to strengthen the Healthcare ecosystem of the animals by providing rapid and safe delivery of healthcare-related items, starting from Lower Dibang valley.

Anshu Abhishek, COO & Co-Founder of TechEagle said, “Animal husbandry is an important economic sector and rearing of livestock directly influences the socio-economic condition of Arunachal Pradesh. Therefore, it becomes necessary to ensure the good health of the livestock even in far-to-reach areas. We are delighted to have collaborated with the Animal husbandry department to empower the farmers and create a robust infrastructure through unprecedented drone delivery systems.”