Upland lake Ranching programme held at Mehao lake

Publish Date : 12/02/2019

Roing, Feb 11: An Upland lake Ranching programme was held at the Mehao lake under Lower Dibang Valley district on 9th february 2019.

The lake ranching program aims to enhance fish population in natural water bodies and stock enhancement of the fish population which is decreasing rapidly. Ranching also helps in the conservation of endanger fish species in all running /standing waterbodies.

All together 8000 fingerlings were released by DFDO Nabam Tania and team members RFO B. Kamdak and ACLM C. S. Singpho. The DFDO empathetically appealed to the people to take interest in preserving the local fishes available in the lake/rivers of the area and also advised the 12 members expedition team to work towards conservation of fishes.

The 12 members team reached Mehao lake, which is located at an altitude of 5300 meters above sea level and covers an area of approximately 102.3 ha, after a foot march of 7 hours. The team also explored the possibility of boating /rafting in the lake.


Ranching Mehao Lake 08022019