“We need Diplomatic Tribal Leaders for Global Outreach” – Dr. Shekhar Patel

Publish Date : 24/06/2019

Roing , 20-06-2019

“The tribal population of the world is about 300 million, which is almost equivalent to the population of USA. They are scattered and are in small groups but it is surprising that out of the total natural resources available in the world, 80% are in possession of tribal communities. This shows that true respect given by the tribes to earth as ‘Mother Earth’ is their culture and is more relevant in this 21st century” said Dr. Shekhar Patel, in a guest lecture organised jointly by District Administration, IMCLS and RIWATCH on 20 June at Roing.

Dr. Shekhar Patel is a President of International Centre for Cultural Studies (ICCS US) a parent body of RIWATCH, presently working as COO of Ayvo Hydrations USA. He is also Vice-President of Hindu University of America and worked on several top positions in multinational like Pepsico, Nestle Nutrition, Quest Diagnostics etc.

“The world knows that, to contain present global environmental issues, tribal culture needs to be survived. We need ambassadorial tribal leaders at global level to talk with elders. We want leaders who will think loudly and change the policies at global level for the sustenance of our culture.

World has now realised that environment sustainability could be achieved only through the ethnic values and culture. Therefore, to step up to global connections, we need to develop young dynamic selfless leaders so that we will have true representation, not only of our tribe but of whole of India. He emphasised that the responsibility lies upon the elders to develop ‘Intention’ in youths to work for our society, our nation and the humanity. Developing intimacy, including them in decision making, regular interactions and showing them the way and not teaching them are the four pillars of developing dynamic leadership with ‘Intention’.

The lecture was attended by more than 100 people including district officers, elders of Adi and Idu Mishmis, teachers and students. Dr. Patel invited representatives of both the tribes to receive gifts from Colombian Priests as blessings. The gift contained bag with some idol believed to be a womb and ball of cotton seeds as prosperity.

While expressing gratitude to Dr. Patel, for thoughtful motivation to the people MLA Shri Muchu Mithi said our culture is our identity and we need to preserve it. He emphasised on preservation of mother tongue, as all best expressions can be done only in mother tongue.

DC Lower Dibang Valley Smti Mitali Namchoom, Executive Director RIWATCH Shri Vijay Swami, President IMCLS Shri. Ginko Linggi and Executive Member RIWATCH Dr. Ista Pulu coordinated the program.

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Vijay Swami, Executive Director
Research Institute of World’s Ancient Traditions, Cultures and Heritage (RIWATCH)
Post Box No. 04, Roing-792110, Lower Dibang Valley District, Arunachal Pradesh (India)

Dr Shekar Patel