World No Tobacco Day Observed at Roing

Publish Date : 31/05/2018

Press Release

Roing, May 31: The World No Tobacco Day with the theme ‘ Tobacco Breaks Hearts’ say no to tobacco and yes to health/ life, was observed at Roing in the Anchal Samity Hall here today. NGOs, SHGs, Government Officers and officials participated in the programme. A rally from the District Hospital to Anchal Samity Hall, to create awareness on the harmful effects of Tobacco use was also organised on the day.

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No Tobacco observed at Panchayat Hall

Deputy Commissioner Mitali Namchoom (IAS), addressing the gathering said that all should play a pro active role in creating awareness on the dangers of tobacco use as it affected the health of an individual, the community and the society. Stressing that it is the impressionable youngsters who take to tobacco use due to peer pressure which goes on the develop into a habit later on, she said that care should be taken to educate them on its dangers and harmful effects. She also enjoined the SHGs and NGOs to take up the fight against tobacco consumption as such starts lead to a further spiral in use of other narcotic substances and drug abuse.

DMO Dr. R Tatan spoke about the importance of enforcing the rules under COTPA 2003 and said that the DA and NGOs working together would greatly help in creating smoking free zones in Roing, for the benefit of the society.

Dr. L. C. Deori ( DPO, NTCP) informed about the observation of the No Tobacco Day to create awareness on harmful effects of tobacco consumption and second hand smoke, in order to minimise deaths caused by tobacco consumption. He said that tobacco use causes cancer and lung disease. He also highlighted the link between tobacco use and heart (cardiovascular) disease.

An SHG member from Mayu spoke on the work done by the women of the area to control drug abuse. She informed that the use of narcotics and other substance is happening in three layers of the society. The youngsters are into substances like ganja/ marijuana, then there is the drug/ brown sugar users and above them is the opium addicts. The women of the area were actively campaigning door to door and in meetings to catch the peddlers and addicts and rehabilitate them, she informed.

A presentation was made on the ill effects of tobacco consumption and it relation to heart disease by Dr. Peter Tayeng. Mipi Ratan, consultant, explained on the provisions under the Cigarettes and Other Tobacco Products Act, 2003 or COTPA, 2003.


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