Numerically, the Galos are a small tribal group of the district and settled in Banggo, a solitary village in Paglam Circle. Their larger sections are to be found in West Siang and East Siang districts of Arunachal Pradesh.
Tradition of Origin:According to the Galos Jimi is the creator who created Medo (the sky) and Sichi (the earth). From them was descended Abo Tani the father of man from whom all sections and clans trace their origin.

Galo dance
Galo dance


Mopin is the main festival of the Galos and celebrated in April for prosperity and wealth. Mithuns are sacrificed and feasts hosted with meat and rice beer (Opo). Members smear rice powder on each other’s forehead while the boys and girls dance from house to house. The Festival last for four to five days.


The Society is patriarchal and patrilineal with strong clan organization system. Families are nuclear but accommodate old parents. Father is the head and exercises the authority. Other features of the Galos in respect of marriage, priests and religion are akin to the Adi.

Marriage is settled through payment of bride wealthy called Batu or Togu Panam. The items include mithun, pig’s dry fishes and sometimes brass bowls. Batu is lighter and performed by average families involving one or two mithuns, cow, pig and brass bowls. On the other hand, Togu Panam is performed by well-to-do families and celebrated at large scale in which 5 to 10 mithuns, cows and pigs are slaughtered and a considerable number of valued or metallic items are offered. In return, the brides party sent along with a considerable number of wealth having almost proportionate value to the bride wealth paid when she leave for her husband’s house.

Widow re-marriage is allowed but such union with a member other than the kin members of the deceased husband involves payment of compensation.

Social Organization:

The village council is called Keba with appointed headmen and village elders as member looking after the overall administration of the village.