About us

Some of the brief activities of District Institute of Education & Training(DIET)

    • Training and orientation of elementary and secondary school teachers (both
      Pre-service and in- service) on various school subjects.
    • Orientation of Heads of School Complexes on new trends in education.Academic and resource support to the elementary and secondary education
      systems of the district.
    • To undertake Action research to deal with the specific academic problems of
      the district in achieving the objectives of education.
    • To familiarize the stake holders of school education of the district with new
      trends and approaches in education.
    • To organize seminars and workshops on various educational topics to
      enhance the abilities of teachers and teacher-educators.
    • Extension activities and interaction with the field,.
    • To act as a resource and learning center for teachers and trainees.
    • Development of locally relevant materials as teaching aids, evaluation tools

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