JTGM College

About us

The Jomin Tayeng Government Model Degree College Jemi Notko, Roing was established vide notification No. ED/HE/PLG-155/2010 Dated Itanagar the 26th March 2012 under the Government of India Scheme of New Model Degree Colleges in identified Educationally Backward Districts (EBDs) with low Gross Enrollment Ratio (GER) during the XI plan. The college offers Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) course based on semester system introducing 6 (six) departments: English, Hindi, History, Political Science, Economics and Geography. All the course contents and academic calendar are in accordance with the Rajiv Gandhi University, Itanagar. The mission of the college is to imbibe future generation with academic excellence, impart knowledge to face national and global challenges and to serve

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