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The main aim of forest department is to save the environment as well as this planet several activities have been taken up by the department.

First of all activities are taken up to save forest resources from dwindling to make the environment green and healthy by planting several species of trees. Special importance also being given to for plantation of several species of trees with medicinal values and special plantation programs are being taken up to replenish the loss of forest resources including trees, herbs and other forest resources found within forest areas.

Others activities of forest department is to protect forest resources including other non forest resources to deplete due to illegal deforestation etc., make awareness programmes among general folks about the necessity of trees in human life and to encourage them to plant trees by distribution saplings on the occasion of Forest Festivals. There are so many activities which are done by the department are to protect soil erosion and increase the numbers of wild animals and birds through special care. Research are being done by the Forest experts for saving life of wild animals, birds are insects those have an importance to save the environment. Steps are being taken up to save and increase Flora and Fauna through in-situ and ex-situ research. Beside those, numerous activities are being taken up by the department which come on way through regular activities.

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