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Office Order
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Order- Micro Containment Zone (Mobang-II) 03/06/2021 View (993 KB)
Meeting with Head Gaon Buras/Gaon Buras. 03/06/2021 View (2 MB)
Order- Vaccination 02/06/2021 View (466 KB)
Order- Rice Day 01/06/2021 View (2 MB)
Order- Preventive Measures. 31/05/2021 View (2 MB)
Order- lifting of containment zone of Nani Maria School, Cheta-II and Child Care Institute 30/05/2021 View (339 KB)
Order- Micro Containment Zone(Kaling-2 area) 27/05/2021 View (799 KB)
Order- Micro Containment Zone(Bizari A, B & C area) 25/05/2021 View (805 KB)
Service Termination Notice 24/05/2021 View (958 KB)
Order- Micro Containment Zone(Horupahar Tea Estate) 24/05/2021 View (827 KB)