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The District Election Office, Lower Dibang Valley District, Roing Arunachal Pradesh is responsible for administering Election process to the 1(one) Lok Sabha ( 2- Arunachal East Parliamentary Constituency) and 2 (two) State Legislative Assembly Constituency (42nd Dambuk (ST) A/C and 43rd Roing (ST) A/C) in the district. DEOs, EROs and AEROs office are working as voter registration centers and also, application of inclusion, deletion and objections received form online and office mode is processed by ERO/AERO during Summary Revision, Special Revision, and Continuous Revision for free, fair and healthy Electors roll. Generated EPIC is distributed to the voters from DEO office through Post Office. Received online application through NVSP, Voters Helpline Apps is continuously monitored by the election staffs. District Election Office is committed to making election process free, fair and accessible to the all section.

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