Office Order

Office Order
Title Date Download/Link
Rice Day for March 2019 28/02/2019 Download(438 KB)
Alternate File : Download(438 KB)
Circular-Permanent Closure of Issue of PRC to non-APST residents of Namsai and Chanlang districts 26/02/2019 Download(348 KB)
Alternate File : Download(348 KB)
Executive Order – Prohibition of Gambling in the District 14/02/2019 Download(339 KB)
Rice Day for February 2019 31/01/2019 Download(457 KB)
Rice Day for January 2019 28/12/2018 Download(418 KB)
DRY DAYS from 31st December 2018 to 2nd January 2019 31/12/2018 Download(478 KB)
Rice Day for December 2018 28/11/2018 Download(404 KB)
Executive order on use of green crackers and ban/prohibition of gambling during Deepavali 05/11/2018 Download(313 KB)
Rice Day for November 2018 24/10/2018 Download(334 KB)
Rice Day for October 2018 11/10/2018 Download(347 KB)