Approach to Disaster Management

With the creation of universe, human society is griped under the vicious circle of miseries, grieves and agonies due to occurrence of different types of disasters. Ever since, they joined efforts, shared resources and assumed responsibilities of taking the social development which involves great amount of risk have threatened the developmental efforts, lives and properties. As human society advances toward social development in order to achieve well being, the community has to bear the burnt of natures fury.

Over the years, there has been an alarming increase in the occurrence of natural disasters causing wide spread social, economic and environmental impacts. This extensive damage to lives, property and livelihood affected communities has turned back the development clock of the areas by decades.

The traditional perception of disaster management has been limited to the idea of ‘calamity relief’ which is taken into granted by few unscrupulous people for making money defeating the very purpose of mitigating the peoples suffering as an immediate relief to the disaster effected families as envisaged in the provision of Five Year documents.

The recent major disasters that hit the various part of country has made the people all over the world to think on reduction of enormous economic losses as an immediate fall out of disasters.
Responding to an urgent call of society to change the paradigm from the traditional practice of giving relief towards reducing the risk of disaster, the Government is emphasizing that at all level of administration’s primary role should be the preparedness, mitigation, reduction and response of a disaster based on community participation.

It is therefore; we as responsible citizen of this multi-ethnic state of the ‘Land of rising sun’ think of it and get ourselves prepared for a safer tomorrow. It is our effort to disseminate information on disaster preparedness, prevention, mitigation and response towards disasters.