District Control Room (DCR)

District Control Room (DCR)

This section is prepared to help the members of District Control Room to understand the structure and functioning of District Control Room. Following the important Three C’s i.e. COMMAND, CONTROL & COMMUNICATION for effective response in an emergency, we will be able to minimize the hardships of the community and improve the quality of the process of recovery. This control room will be able to provide timely, supported and well thought –of interventions to the grass root staff as well as volunteers as it will be the hub of three C’s.

Purpose of the DCR

The District Control Room under the control of Deputy Commissioner will operate round the clock and will be the nerve center to :

  1. Monitor
  2. Co-ordinate
  3. Implement the actions/activities for Disaster Management.

In a disaster time, the District Control Room will operate under the central authority of the Deputy Commissioner, exercising emergency power to issue directives to all departments to provide emergency response service. He would also co-ordination with the State Response Machinery like: State Control Room, Itanagar and Directorate of Relief, Rehab and Disaster Management for appropriate support and smooth flow of information. The Control Room should be manned round the clock. The District Control Room will be placed in the office room of the District Relief & Rehabilitation Officer.