eGovernance Initiaves

iRAD Mobile and Web Application

The Integrated Road Accident Database (iRAD) Project is an initiative of the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH), Government of India and is funded by World Bank, with objective to improve road safety in the country. The main objective of the project is development of Integrated Road Accident Database (iRAD), to enrich the accident databases from every parts of the country. The project would generate various types of insights by analyzing the collected road accident data across the country through implementation of data analytics technique. The proposed system would represent the analysis output through Monitoring & Reporting Dashboard & Analytics Dashboard for easy understanding and accordingly forecasting & Decision Making by Apex Authorities for formulation of new policies & strategies. The outcome of the project would be enhanced road safety i.e. ‘Safe Road for All’ in India.

IVFRT – Immigration, Visa, Foreigner’s Registration and Tracking

In order to Modernize and upgrade the Immigration services, “Immigration, Visa and Foreigners Registration & Tracking (IVFRT)” has been identified and included as one of the MMPs to be undertaken by the Ministry of Home Affairs under the National e-Governance Plan (NeGP). The core objective of this Project is to develop and implement a secure and integrated service delivery framework that facilitates legitimate travelers while strengthening security. The scope of the project includes 169 Missions, 77 ICPs (Immigration Check Posts), 5 FRROs (Foreigners Regional Registration Offices), and FROs (Foreigners Registration Offices) in the State /District Headquarters.

The implementation of this MMP will enable authentication of traveler’s identity at the Missions, Immigration Check Posts (ICPs) and Foreigners Registration Offices (FROs) through use of intelligent document scanners and biometrics, updation of foreigner’s details at entry and exit points, improved tracking of foreigner’s through sharing of information captured during visa issuance at Missions, during immigration check at ICPs, and during registration at FRRO/ FROs.

Video Conferencing

e-Services/JAN-SUVIDHA: A Single Window System for issue of various certificates

Jan-suvidha is an application software developed by NIC to automate the process of issuance of various certificates from the Office of Deputy Commissioner.It is a single-window online system wherein various services are provided to the citizens by the district administration. After submitting his / her application, the citizen needs to only visit the receipt and delivery counter of the Jansuvidha centre to receive the applied certificate on a specified date. The Jan-Suvidha Centre charges a minimum fee for all the services.

List of Services Provided:

  1. Issue/renewal of Scheduled Tribe Certificate<
  2. Issue/renewal of Permanent Residence Certificate
  3. Issue/renewal of Temporary Residence Certificate
  4. Issue/renewal of Temporary Inner Line Pass
  5. Issue/renewal of Photo Inner Line Pass
  6. Issue/renewal of Income Certificate
  7. Issue/renewal of Dependent Certificate
  8. Issue/renewal of Photo Identity Card

VAHAN – An ICT based solution for Vehicle Registration

VAHAN is a highly flexible and comprehensive software system developed by NIC that takes care of all the process related to vehicle Registration. The online app enables the processes at RTOs vis-à-vis Vehicle Registration, Fitness, Taxes, Permits & Enforcement to get computerised. VAHAN is conceptualized to capture the functionalities as mandated by Central Motor Vehicle Act, 1988 as well as state motor vehicle rules.


  1. To provide better services to the citizens
  2. Quick implementation of government policies from time to time
  3. Improved image of government & department.
  4. Instant access of vehicle information to other govt departments

Services through VAHAN:

  1. Vehicle Registration
  2. New Vehicle Registration
  3. Renewal of Registration
  4. Transfer of Ownership
  5. Change of Address etc.


  1. Issue of National & Interstate Permit
  2. Renewal of Permit


  • State-wise tax calculation & Payment


  1. Issue of Fitness Certificate
  2. Renewal of Fitness Certificate


  1. Issue of Challan
  2. Settlement of Penalty Amount

SARATHI : One stop solution to licensing

Sarathi is a workflow based software solution developed by NIC that helps DTOs to issue learner license, Driving license, Conductor license to the citizens and license for Driving School Establishment. Sarathi follows the central motor vehicle act, 1988 and state govt enacted motor vehicle rules.
Sarathi is a Flexible & simple software to issue any type of license by any DTO.

SARATHI implements State of the Art Biometric Technologies :

  1. Signature Pad – For capturing applicant signature
  2. Thumb Impression Reader – For capturing applicant Thumb impression
  3. Web Camera – For capturing applicant Photo Image

Services provided:

  1. Issue/renewal of Learning License
  2. Issue/renewal of Permanent Driving License
  3. Issue/renewal of Conductor License
  4. Issue/renewal of Driving School Establishment License

APPS : Arunachal Pradesh Payroll System

Arunachal Pradesh Payroll system is a generic software system developed by NIC to computerise the process of preparing paybill / payroll since 2003. With the implementation of 7th Pay Commission in the state since the year 2016, the software has been accordingly upgraded with all the required features. Earlier, it would take approximately two-three weeks for the Accounts branch to generate the paybill of all the staff of District Administration, but now, it takes only a day to complete the process.

SWS : Single Window System

Single Window System is a Software Application for handling the receipt of application forms for various services like ST/ PRC/ TRC/ Driving License/ Vehicle registration etc, service fees & issue of intended Citizen Centric Services / certificates of various branches/depts. of the District Administration from a single public delivery point.

TILP : Temporary Inner Line Permit issuance system @Shantipur Checkgate

Temporary ILP issuance system @Shantipur Checkgate is a Software Application for handling the smooth issuance of temporary Inner Line Permit at Shantipur Checkgate.


Bulk SMS through NIC QuickSMS Service (
Rice Day is an institutionalized mechanism adopted by the District Administration in ensuring monthly PDS rice to all ration card holders of the district. RICE DAY is scheduled every month for two consecutive days. The schedule dates declaring the RICE DAY is informed to the general public via bulk SMS using NIC Quick SMS Service.