Flora & Fauna

Condusive climate, edaphic factors and the geographical location of the district give rise to luxurious vegetation rich in diversity. Some of the important tree species are Hollock(Terminalia, myriocarpa), Khokan(Duabanga grandiflora), Mekai, Simul, Titachampa(Michalia Champaca) and Gamari(Gmelina arborea). The bamboo of the variety Dendrocalamus Hamiltonii is found in abundance. Different varieties of canes are commonly found in the area.

Mithun – State Animal : Pride of Arunachalees
The medicinal plants Coptis Teeta(Mishmi Teeta) is an endemic species and Taxus baccata are available here. The area is also rich in orchid varieties. Like the flora, the fauna of this area is equally rich and varied. It includes some rare species of wild animals and birds.