Bhismaknagar fort, located nearly 30 km from Roing is tentatively dated to 8 century and is recorded as the oldest archaeological site in the region. Bhismaknagar.

The site was first explored by I. Block in 1848 and afterward it was excavated from 1965-70. The complex houses the ruins of brick-built structure of 1860.52 sq. m plinth area, having three halls, two extension rooms and six entrances in all. It has two impressive gates – Eastern Gate and Western Gate. Almost the entire area of the fortress is protected with a rampart wall made of bricks, stone and mud. The Northern side of the fort is protected by natural boundary of hills.

Excavation conducted at the site by the Research department, Govt. of A.P in 1965-70 yielded large number of wheel turned pottery, terracotta plaque with animal and floral design, decorative tiles, figurines of horse and elephant, inscribed bricks with animal motifs etc.

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    View of Bhismaknagar
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    Bhismaknagar Fort
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